Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So, yeah. This happened today.

I felt like such a grown-up adult today. I was awake and ready to go by 8:00 this morning and it was my day off! I had a plan to check a few more items off my spring break to-do list and as I'm realizing there isn't enough time in the day to do all of things that I would like to do. 

The first stop was the farmer's market to get strawberries for the second annual spring break jam session. A tradition that started last year when my mom came to visit and one that I want to continue because of memories, love, and deliciousness. 

I thought there was something quietly beautiful about the berry tops in the sink. As I cut the berries this morning, I thought of my grandfather. 

One time while peeling and preparing apples for applesauce, grandpa picked up an apple, looking at it closely and said "Here it is, the one I've been looking for." As a small child, I was astonished, how could he know that apple was the one, and what was so special about it? 
"Why were you looking for that apple?" I asked. "It's the last one" he replied. 

The whole process would have been quite lonely if it hadn't been for my intrepid kitchen helper, Mr.Potato Head. He was in charge of making sure all of the jelly jars were in tip top condition.

The berries are beginning to boil. The first of two batches to be made. 

Mr. Potato Head holds his wand high, admiring the hard work.

After jammin' in the kitchen for a bit. I decided it was time to cut into my coveted quilt expo fabric. It seemed fitting with the strawberry day that I was having to work with stunning strawberry colors in fabric.
I hung them in a tree. Why? Why not?

I followed the method that I was practicing yesterday with some scrap stripes. The scrap stripes are a very even, reliable, predictable stripe. The new fabric has the look of a batik, and perhaps that was the way it was made. I was told that it was hand painted. There are certain irregularities in color from one selvage of the fabric to the other that create really nice variety in the little blocks. 

Barni approves of both projects for the day. He would also like to Live a Colorful Life and randomly join the Let's Bee Social party at Sew Fresh Quilts that I was invited to. I'm not sure that pets are allowed though, so he'll have to sit this one out.


  1. We're currently having a major blizzard in Nova Scotia, so looking at your fresh cut strawberries have me dreaming of warm days to come. I can hope. Your Expo fabric is beautiful and Barni is...well....simply gorgeous.

  2. Oh delicious! That brings back memories of making jam with my mom. :)
    Love the stripy squares so far.

  3. Are you sure we're not cousins? That sounds like something my grandpa would have said. I had a good chuckle for that one! The jam looks yummy and sew do those blocks! Barni does not look so sure about the block placement though. And yes, he is certainly welcome to join the party! As long as he gets along with Hanna....

  4. Visiting from Really Random Thursday. Love your post. And Mr. Potato Head's mouse ears. :D Awesome. And I love your strawberry striped fabric, too! They are looking great!

  5. Why not indeed! Your blocks look awesome hanging in the tree!! I cannot wait to see your creation finished, it is looking great :) Barni is absolutely adorable! He can come visit with my 2 toddlers (husky and husky malamute mix) any time!! :)

  6. This was awesome. Thanks SO much for linking up! Love Mr. Potato Head...We have the Darth Vader version here at my house...

  7. Beautiful and inspiring! Love your HSTs using striped fabric!

  8. the jam looks great and i liked the story about your grandpa and the apple


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