Welcome to my gallery. I like to think of this collection like oranges; freshly plucked from the tree and carefully packaged in a citrus crate. Only in my case the tree is a quilting frame (be it long arm or hand) and the citrus crate is this blog. Feel free to have a sample. Many of the photos include a link to a posting with more of the juicy details.

Client Quilt-Butterfly Blossom by Mel Beach: May 2016
Read more at Mel's blogpost.

Client Quilt-Art Deco Fans: April 2016

Client Quilt-Attitude Adjustment: March 2016

Client Quilt-Ties: February 2016

Client Quilt-Pink on Point: January 2016

Client Quilt-Autumn Sampler: December 2015

Client Quilt-Beach House Bed Runner: December 2015

Client Quilt-Blue and Beige Gift Quilt: November 2015

Client Quilt-Army Gift Quilt: November 2015
Client Quilt-Sun Bonnet Sue: September, 2015

Client Quilt-Red and White Spirals: September 2015

Client Quilt-Blue and Sand Batiks: October 2015

Lakeland Modern Quilt Guild: Modern Elements Mini Challenge: May 2015
A New Addition: June 2015

Stripe Experiment:June 2015

360°: June 2015
Foothills Mystery Quilt: May 2015

Timber: April 2015

Baby Quilt with Improv Blocks: 2014
Summer Sampler Series: 2014


  1. Great quilts! The striped one reminds me of a Brigette Riley - definitely puts my eyes in a spin, it's fab!

    1. It's serendipitous that you mention Brigette Riley! I had never heard of her until your comment. Then, the very next day, my co-teacher at summer art camp led us in a lesson about Op-Art with the inspiration of Ms. Riley. I happened to have this quilt in my car and quickly went to get it to show the kids. Now I am much more familiar with this fantastic artist, and am going to be teaching about her in my art room!


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