Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mom's Nine Patch

Forget about "Facebook Official." After nine years of togetherness, my partner and I made our relationship legally recognized and State of Florida official. Sure it was over a year ago, but I thought I would share a story about why my husband is the best. 

We had a short guest list, mostly because we had an even shorter budget. It might be a mid-west mind set, or just a personal challenge, but I have this guilty feeling asking people to do something for me. I even felt guilty asking my parents to travel from Michigan to Florida for our special day. (Don't worry, they made it.) 

The Friday before our wedding, there was an event for the young artists in our school district, and being the art teacher I am, not only did I feel obligated to go, but I had committed to reading the names, graduation style, of all the artists being honored at this function. Typically, after the art show, we art teachers work together to take down the show. I sheepishly said, "I really don't think I can stay, it's after 6,  my family is in town, I have an hour drive home and I'm getting married on Sunday." My fellow art teachers chastised me for not telling them, and made it clear that as friends we should celebrate such events together.

I felt horrible as I began my drive home. Why didn't I feel I should share this with my friends? I didn't share the news with my art teacher friends, and I didn't tell friends from home either. I dialed my best friend from college, whom I've written about before, sobbing. "Anna, I am a terrible friend. I didn't tell you that I'm getting married. I wanted to invite you, but didn't want you to have to come all this way." I went to explain that it was only a couple of days away, and it was going to be really small. We didn't invite anyone from Michigan other than my parents. The plan was for a small wedding, and bigger party sometime later in the year. Anna, always good at consoling, assured me it was OK, that she would make sure she could come to the party, and that there weren't any hard feelings. Our phone conversation came to an end as she was going to meet her family in a noisy restaurant. 

Later that evening, my soon to be husband, was called to meet his colleague,  our mutual friend and wedding officiant (they are the same person), regarding some real estate work. I was happy to stay in and visit with my parents. Progression of time. One of our guests from out of town arrived to stay with us, and we chatted and shared a beer. Progression of time. I was starting to get worried that my fiance had run away, when hours later he came through the door. He told me that his colleague, our mutual friend and wedding officiant and her husband (two different people) had an early wedding gift for us and were waiting in the drive way.

I stepped outside, and from behind our two mutual friends lept my bestie from college, whom I'd just had a phone conversation with mere hours before. I was dumbfounded, and in tears yet again. I had just talked to her on the phone. I was in Florida, she was going to a family dinner near Detroit! 

No, she was not going to dinner. She had to get me off the phone so I wouldn't hear the busy airport! She and my husband had been planning from the time we started planning the wedding. It was the best gift ever! 

So why the quilt. This nine patch is one of the tops that my mom brought with her for me to quilt. She thought it was a simple nothing quilt that she had thrown together from left over fabrics. I showed my mom that it was beautiful with an all over leaf and berry design. I think every major event should include great friends, family and quilts.


  1. Jan, what a delightful story! You deserve every happiness.

  2. Aww! Can't wait to see your interpretation on the nine patch, Jan.

  3. Congratulations! I'm so happy that John stopped at our table to say hi (and enabled me to locate you online). I have fond memories of the time we spent together all those years ago in preschool. And some cute photos as well. My favorite wedding gift is to give is a celebratory quilt.


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