Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I have heard that if you put goals in writing you are more likely to reach them. Your chances of meeting those written goals increase more if you share them with others. I am ready for that motivation. Luckily, I happened upon the lovely Katy Cameron at the The Littlest Thistle. She has organized this fantastic Finish Along. It's a little party where the festivities begin by sharing your goals, chat with some other quilty friends, play a little music, comment on the progress being made, have a glass of wine, stitch and play on your own projects and at the end share in the joy of all the successful and complete projects you have! It's the first time I've joined, but it sounds like a great time. You will have to provide your own music and wine but the hostess has rounded up some great prizes and parting gifts.

What would I like to finish before July 6th?

1. 30's Reproduction Quilt

This quilt has been boxed up for about 7 years. Currently it's getting a breath of fresh air, then it needs batting, backing, quilting and binding. A twin size is a nice size for a lap quilt in my 6'4" opinion.

2. Summer Sampler/Solstice Star Quilt

The finished top of last summer's project. A project using the Summer Sampler Series and Solstice Star Series at Fresh Lemon Quilts.

The pieced backing for last summer's project. 
 I started this quilt last summer as I dipped my toes back into the quilting water. The summer was the perfect time to make the top and the back. I decided to try my a little hand quilting on this, and sadly can't remember when that part of the project started. I worked on it almost non stop over winter break from school, but it still needs to have the quilting finished, trimmed and binding added.

3. Geometric Strip Wall Hanging

This was a little experiment in striped fabrics. I am really happy with how it has turned out, but I still have to figure out what to do to finish it. I know that it will need batting, backing, quilting and binding. I have yet to decide if there will be borders involved. I also need to do some better photography and make sure there aren't crazy cords in the shot!

4. Strip Medallion (?) Lap Quilt

These are some striped half square triangle (HST) that I have started for this project. 
This is a rough drawing for the central portion of this quilt. I'm not sure what it will become.
I was inspired by this fabric when I saw it at Quilting and Sewing Expo that I attended a couple of weeks ago. I had to have some and have started with an idea. I'm not really sure where it is going, but know that this project will be a lap style quilt that will be a gift for someone who is shorter in stature than myself and may not require a twin size quilt. I will have to finish the design, finish piecing the top, figure out the backing situation, batting, quilting and binding. I'm not going to lie, this will probably be a project that will roll over to the next quarter, but I can dream! 

5. Under-Ruse Wall Hanging
My original design for Under-Ruse.
My partner, Shark, has requested a wall hanging of this design. It will be made of scrap fabric or something that he decides upon. Honestly, this is stretching my creative imagination to even add this project to the list. If I could play hooky from school all the time, I know I could make something of this too during this quarter. I'm going to give it a go! I will need to piece the top, bat, back, quilt and bind!

Eek! As I scroll back through this ambitious list, I can't help but wonder what I'm getting myself into. If you care to join me, stop by The Littlest Thistle before April 14th to find out all of the details.

I hope to see everything you would like to finish as well!


  1. Ok so I love that geometric wall hanging! And the colours in that ssss quilt (summer sampler solstice star) are phenomenal!! Seriously, loving the pink/red/orange combo! And you must finish the under-ruse wall hanging- it's just something that I have to see ;) Good luck on your list!

  2. Oooh, 7 years in a box might be in the running for oldest WIP for this quarter :oD Good luck!

  3. Very ambitious list! Cannot wait to see what happens with the undies!

  4. Good to see another teacher maintaining their sanity thru fabric. Great projects all around. I am especially intrigued by the undies--I have an undie-themed UFO in my sewing room, too, but not gonna work on it this quarter.

  5. Love your geometric wall hanging! It's amazing to see what can become of one fabric when it's cut up and stitched back together! Have you blog about your process on it? I would love to see more!
    And your under-ruse! Oh i love this one so much!! I'm thinking they would be perfect on the fronts of two little fabric buckets to keep my two little guys underoos in! Thanks for the pattern!

  6. This is a great list. I'm looking forward to watching your progress with the projects. The geometric wall hanging just might be my favourite. It's stunning.


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