Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Stash: Fabric Shop Tour 3

While visiting with my family in Michigan this summer I went a little over the deep end with fabric purchases. Welcome to the third stop on my tour of fabric shops from my recent vacation. I have been drawn to bright colors, clean designs or loud patterns. I found some fabrics to fit my current state of mind at Country Stitches in East Lansing. The store is massive, it takes up three, or is it five bays of a strip mall. They have amazing sewing equipment (which if I had worked a second summer job I may have brought something shiny and expensive home with me that has the initials BL.) Since I didn't have the funds for a new power tool, I opted for fabric instead.   

I picked up some Chandelier Lace and Bird Cage Quiet both by Tina Givens for Westminster Fibers.
Opal Owl Bark also by Tina Givens for Westminster Fibers
 I didn't realize until typing this now that the three fabrics had the same designer! I guess I was just drawn to the colors and the line quality of the illustrations. The top two fabrics I chose for the colors. I have been on this pink, fuchsia, purple kind of kick and can't shake it, so I indulge my whimsy. Besides I couldn't pass these up, they were all super on sale, clearance racked with additional percentages off. I think the Opal Owl will make a great backing to some future project.

As I stated before, I have been drawn to brighter, cleaner, louder fabrics, but there is something about Michigan, or home, or an aesthetic of the mid-West that makes these earthier fabrics appealing as well. I'm not sure they fit with my style, but I can appreciate the colors and I love the little animals. These will become part of a gift quilt for someone special, and I'm looking forward to the thinking, memories, and love that will be poured into that project. 
A few for my next gifty project. Read about my first here.
All I know about the stripe is that it is "Not intended and not suitable for children's sleepwear." It was on the sales wall, along with the floral on the bottom of the pile. The floral is a Dear Stella Design and I think it's called Stella. I thought it would be a lovely light contrast to the stripes and the darker Forest Friends by Moda. Forest Friends, by the way has the most adorable selvage! 

Finally, there is a little something that I knew Seark would appreciate. I've been collecting some of the Alexander Henry male pin-ups. Hurry Down the Chimney is my favorite so far, but I would like to get some of the camping fabric. 
I've heard fabric described as 'yummy,' now I understand.
This is going to go into a project for Seark, but I have to find appropriate complementing fabrics. I'm leaning towards selecting fabrics to pull out some of the pinks, blues, and green... I'm thinking the overall quilt should have a festive theme. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks again for stopping by. I'm linking up with Molli Sparkles for the Sunday Stash. Be sure to stop back and visit the Groves. I plan to share more stops on my Fabric Shop Tour, some quilt stories that heard on my journey and more. Plus I have updates coming on the WerqBee! 


  1. Hi,

    came to visit from who was posting on Sunday Stash, Love Love Love the foxes!!! Please share what you make as I am a huge ox fan.

    Great Blog!


  2. More goodies! I haven't seen Tina Givens fabric before but can see why you are picking it up. As for Hurry Down the Chiminey - that will make an excellent quilt. If it were me I'd got with the pinks and greens but also a restrained amount of the red and also one of the brown/brick colours. I usually find that you can get away with anything that's there in the print, and sometimes it's those little extra colours that lift everything else. Though that's just my take. It will be fun to see what you do with it.

  3. Those Santa's are hilarious and great!

  4. Ha, I'm so glad to see you're keeping all your family's local quilt shops in business ;o)

  5. Such pretty fabrics! I really like the one with the foxes. Shopping local is the best :)


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