Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Stash: Major Investment

Flashback to March of 2014, when I was Getting my Sew-Jo at the Quilting Expo, [you could literally flashback with me by clicking to the previous link!] where Seark and I had our first hands-on experience with a long arm quilting machine. We've pondered and dreamed about making an investment that could propel my creative quilting experiences forward and to build a small business ever since. 

This year the Original Quilting and Sewing Expo made it's return to Lakeland, FL and so did we. Seark, my one day husband, and I had decided that if an opportunity should present itself to take home a machine then we should jump on it and make it work. Then we met Susan and Tabby from Susan's Heirloom & Quilters Fabrics who sell Tin Lizzie. There were many brands of long arm represented at the expo, each with their own-stand out features. While we pondered the state of the art aesthetics of Bernina, the flashy computing system of the HandiQuilter, the industrial nature of Nolting and Gammill, the Tin Lizzy stood out for affordability and personality of the representatives. Needless to say, that same evening Tabby and Susan were delivering a show model to our garage! 

Introducing Louise, my new TinLizzie18 ESP!
I think I'll call her Louise after my grandmother who is the first in the family that I think of when I think of quilts. I know Louise will be good to me, she already produced some fun practice doodles.

 I put some sad looking fabrics on the frame and drew out some boxes to play and draw in. I tried some feathers, some stippling, some circles, leaves, and some zig-zags, creating a happy and playful test piece.

I really like the little tropical leaf that I drew with the strange circles within a circle fruit.

I have lots to learn. I am going to jump in, make some mistakes and get to learning! Wish me luck, and if you have any suggestions or tips that might benefit a novice long arm or free motion quilter like myself, please leave me a note! 

I'm linking up with Molli Sparkles and the Sunday Stash with my new addition.


  1. Whaaaaat?! Wow, your "Sunday stash" really caught my eye. I am going to expect *more* blog posts from you as a result of having this new family member.
    Oh wait, you're a teacher and spring term is coming... I will understand.

  2. That's fantastic!!! I'm thrilled for you. Buying a longarm is on my someday wish list too. I'm sure you and Louise will be very happy together!

  3. Congratulations and YAY!! My biggest advice is to practice drawing a pattern on paper for a while; it honestly translates pretty well and you can really learn how to fill in shapes and a full page by doodling on paper just as well as with thread and fabric (and guess which is cheaper?!?). I hope you have a lot of fun and success!

  4. Oh wow! Now that's an awesome purchase ... looks like you and Louise are going to get on just fine! My only advice is to have fun playing ... there are no rules and no quilting police :)

  5. It looks like so much fun! The only advice I can give...practice! And the only way to learn and get better is to jump in feet first! Congratulations!

  6. How exciting for you!!! Once you get going, there will be no stopping you.
    Hey, I just remembered about Suzanne Early's Feather Boot Camp. She has posted the entire class (lessons and videos) on her blog, and it's a fantastic resource. Hopefully I won't get bumped to your SPAM folder by providing the link!
    Have fun on your learning journey. You've already taken the first step by getting out there and stitching...practice, practice, practice!

  7. That is so exciting, congrats!!


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