Tuesday, February 25, 2014


This is the first quilt that I ever made. It is based on a pattern by Kaffe Fassett for courthouse steps. I made it during a summer off from college. I remember it being a challenge to match the squares up to make the secondary pattern that reminds me of chinese lanterns. I used vintage fabrics and some new fabrics from Joann's. My mom was proud but envious that I had completed my first quilt before her. 

The reproduction fabrics of 30's and 40's patterns reminded me of my grandmother, who was a true inspiration to me. I bought a fat quarter bundle to make this quilt top. Sadly, it is still just a work in progress. 

Another work in progress is this guy. It's the final lay out of the blocks from the Summer Sampler Series which you can read about here. I mixed up the blocks and have some of the blocks squared and some of the blocks are placed on point. I am currently hand quilting this and really taking my time. Ok, I'm really just procrastinating on this and need to get it out and finish it!

Where did you begin with quilting? Who inspires, or inspired your appeal to quilts?

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  1. I think the third quilt here looks amazing. I don't really remember how I got started quilting, I think it was just by coming across quilting blogs and becoming interested. It took me over two years to make my first quilt (finished last year), and I have only made two since then.


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