Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quilty Bucket List

As I delve further into this Mad, Mad, Mad, Quilty World I've been thinking about what are the ultimate projects that I would like to create. What is my Quilty Bucket List. Then, last week I came across this very topic at The Tilted Quilt.

Curved Seams and Applique

Jeweled Wedding Ring
I have had a copy of a book by Kay Connors and Karen Earlywine called Link to the '30's: Making the Quilts We Didn't Inherit for several years now. The book resides on my bedside table and every other week or so I torment myself by looking at it and imaging the 638 appliqued circles need to bedazzle this beauty. I will make this pattern! I just have to work up the crazy to get it done.

Graphic Black and White

Aakash Nihalani on Tripoli Gallery 
I found this artist in an advertisement from West Elm. He was doing some great geometric tape art for some pop up stores for West Elm. Further research lead to this image and an immediate idea for a quilt. I've been playing with the idea a little and have a fun start, but I want to manipulate pattern further and create my own striped fabric. I would love to have stripes that change from wide to narrow to create a starker illusion of depth. You can see more about my initial trials with this here

Orange Groves Quilt

I would love to make a quilt that represents the blog and the orange groves that surround my neighborhood and the school where I teach. I will post a picture of my inspiration once I have permission from the blogger to reuse her image.

Multi Block Quilt

I love this quilt by Jen Kingwell.

I've read about a ton of people working on this quilt called Green Tea and Sweet Beans which has such a great variety of blocks and quilting techniques. I would love to make one of these types of quilts, either from a pattern, or of my own design. Perhaps I will even include my Under-Ruse block.

I cannot wait to check some of these ideas off my list, but I know that for every idea checked off there will be 7 more. What is on your Quilty Bucket List?
The Tilted Quilt


  1. I LOVE that 30's Quilt. I have another book by the same authors called "Fancy to Frugal: Authentic Quilt Patterns from the 30's." I have been eyeing their other book you mentioned. After seen this quilt, I just might go pick it up.

    I agree with you about crossing items off and adding more. It's a never ending list--but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    1. Thanks for the comment Allison. I will have to look up your title. My first quilt memory is the quilt from my grandmother and though the fabrics were probably not genuine '30's fabrics I am drawn to them and the feeling of connection that I get from those reproductions to my grandmothers quilt. I highly recommend this book, I think my first quilt bee block will come from here, and I plan to make the chain quilt from the book as well. :)

  2. Love your list, and PLEASE include the Under-Ruse block in whichever sampler quilt you decide to make! It would much such a silly, awesome surprise!

    1. Thank you cedacanthus. I am thinking Under-Ruse may become a signature block, but that may be a premature thought. I have looked at your blog a bit too, and can't wait to read a bit more. :)

  3. beautiful choices! I can see why you are drawn to the black and white graphic quilt. You can just get lost in it! Thanks for sharing your list with us :)

  4. that top quilt is amazing. The 630 circles won't seem to bad if you break it down and set a goal like 5 a month or whatever is doable. It is a bucket list remember!


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