Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Stash: Carolyn Friedlander

I have a bit of an obsession with Carolyn Friedlander and her beautiful fabric collections for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. I purchased part of her Architextures line at my LQS, Heartfelt Quilting, way back right before I started Quilting Among the Groves. I've been hooked ever since, and have used some of her fabric in 90% of my projects since then. I am so obsessed that a couple of weeks ago, when I saw some Architextures languishing on the shelf at Heartfelt, I bought some. Well not really some, but the rest of what was left! The purple color on the left has already been used as the backing to the quilt that I wrote about in my blog post: A Quilty Coaster Ride

Part of my obsession with Carolyn is perhaps because she has a little paradise among the groves not far from mine. I met her last year at a special showing of her work at the central Florida landmark, Bok Tower Gardens. She hosted a local meet and greet where a handful of obsessed followers like myself met with her to have lunch, enjoy some slow sewing, and social time under the canopy of the oak trees surrounding the famous carillon tower.

I took some pictures of her work as it hung in the exhibits hall of the Garden's visitor center.
At the time her newest line of fabrics was Botanics. I have to add this beauty to my quilty bucket list.

She captures flat Florida landscape so well.
Did I mention that she also lives among the groves? Simple lines and bold colors make this depiction of the groves truly memorable.

Carolyn is an inspiration to me. Her designs are bold but simple. I love the way her quilts show that she has fun with fabric!

Are there any designers that you have an obsession with? What is it about them that sparks your imagination?

Speaking of 'spark,' I'm linking up with the sparkliest of them all, Molli Sparkles for his Sunday Stash!


  1. Her quilts are amazing, aren't they?! I can't really say I have an obsession with any one person. Seeing all these quilts has sparked my imagination! I think Architextures is a perfect line that can be incorporated in to just about any project, very versatile. Thank you for saving that poor bolt of fabric from languishing on the shelf!

  2. Those are some amazing quilts! I can totally understand using so many of her fabrics. They are amazing!

  3. Your time with Carolyn sounds amazing ... I'd love to hang out and soak up some inspiration from her. I caught up on her MQG webinar the other day, which was fantastic, but probably as close as I'll ever get lol ... I love that you "saved" those poor fabrics from languishing on the shelf :)

  4. Those fabrics are awesome! I have some that I can't quite figure out what to do with yet. It'll probably end up in some sort of bag, since I have a bit of an obsession with Sara Lawson. I feel the need to sew every bag pattern she releases. If I had to pick a favorite fabric designer, it'd be Jeni Baker, though I'm not quite obsessed....yet.


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