Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Stash: Fabric Shop Tour 4

On my summer vacation to Michigan recently the usual visits with family and friends took an unexpected turn, fabric shopping! In this Sunday Stash: Fabric Shop Tour stop I visited Everlasting Stitches. This is another shop that came with high recommendations from my mom. I can see why the shop was so appealing to her, one the staples of this shop is a selection of Civil War reproduction fabrics. My mom loves the darker and muted colors and the small motifs of the patterns. While those are not the fabrics I tend to gravitate towards, I can appreciate their appeal. During this shopping adventure, I couldn't help but think different locations make different colors and different patterns come to life. The reproduction fabrics make sense in Michigan. 

I chose some of the Wee Wander fabrics by Sara Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics. There is Nature Walk Pink, and Woods Petal. Then I picked up some text based fabric with a news paper print and one with numbers that could be a variety of dates and a little dashed red print. Unfortunately I put the three of those to use before recording any of the makers details. 

I also got this Aspen Frost print called Tin Solider from Moda. It was on clearance so I bought the end of the bolt. I thought this one would go well with the Alexander Henry Christmas fabric I picked up earlier on the trip.

Finished Purse String Blocks in red and white.

The red and white fabrics were combined with others from my stash for these Purse String Blocks for the WERQ Bee bee leader. The pattern was easy to follow with Kelly's tutorial on My Quilt Infatuation. My favorite part is how easily it is to re-purpose some of the trimmed pieces into sweet little pinwheels.
Pretty pinwheels from the left over pieces.
 Once again I'm linking up with Molli Sparkles and his Sunday Stash. What colors would you use for a purse string block?



  1. love those blocks and great fabric choices. I'd go for blue, I always go for blue

  2. Sadly, I can tell you exactly what those bottom 2 fabrics are (and probably could with the top if I could see a bit more!):

    The numbers is from Reunion by Saltwater from 2011, so a rarity now
    The dashes is from Cori Dantini - she brings this print out with each line she does, to match the colours of the line. If it's the dark pink one, it's from the Sweet Life, if it's the red, it's from the Merry Stitches line.

    I'm now away to hang my head in shame that I was actually able to do that!

  3. Green is my favourite colour but don't seem to quilt with it much, so maybe orange, but I love your red and pink. Good to see you are already putting your new stash to use.

  4. I'd probably do shades of turquoise. I've used that newspaper print fabric before - I love it! I like your red blocks - super cute!


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