Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday Stash: Fabric Shop Tour 6

I haven't been shopping for fabric in a while. I'm not sure that I can top the fabric adventures from my summer vacation. I was strategic on the last stop of this tour, taking an alternative route between Michigan and Florida to check out Crimson Tate in Indianapolis, IN. I have been following this store ever since I joined the Men Who Quilt group on Facebook, and the WERQ Bee. One of our bee members happened to be a manager at the store and was always sharing such enticing photos of beautiful fabrics, and info about specials. 

I LOVE this store! It has gorgeous modern fabrics displayed a midst quirky antiques. I'm not really sure about all of the ins and outs of Indianapolis, but this store seems to be in an older part of the city with a lot of character. Across the street is a fantastic historical bit of art deco. Just Google "Coca Cola Building, Indianapolis" to see what I'm talking about!

Much to my surprise, I was not going to find just great fabric, but I was going to meet some great sewists/makers, (celebrities in my book!) In the photo above, from left to right is Karen LePage of, Leila Breton of, me, Heather Givans of, Sarah Elizabeth of, and Rachel McElwain of rachellake. I don't know if I could have timed my visit more perfectly to meet so many amazing people. The positive and magnetic of personality of Heather just draws everyone in, I guess! 

Here's what you Sunday Stashers really came to see though, the fabrics that I could not resist!

I picked up some more fabrics to go with my Christmas pin-up boys that I bought earlier. There is Sugar Rush-Christmas Candy in blue by Josephine Kimberling, Treelicious-Rudolph in red by Maude Asbury, Florence-Multi Plaid in carnelian by Denyse Schmidt, Merry Stitches-Fleeting in grey by Cori Dantini, Homebody-Philately in grey by Kimberly Kight, and Hatbox-Tiger Stripes in pink by Alexia Abegg.

Heather also included a sweet little badge and the instructions for her row by row experience block with her signature business card. 

I am not affiliated with Crimson Tate, or any of the other shops that I've been writing about. Please feel free to visit them and shop, the benefits will be all yours! Once again, linking up with Molli Sparkles and his Sunday Stash. This was the last stop on my tour. Now I have to put all these goodies to use and you can bet there will be pictures! Stop back among the groves to see what I make. 


  1. It's so fun to meet people who have the same interests as yourself - it looks like you were having so much fun! And such a great score on fabrics for your stash.....have fun when you start sewing with them!

  2. Ha, I definitely think you have the hang of this stashing thing now ;o)


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