Thursday, July 10, 2014

Let's Be Social: Socialize

Do you have a shelf full of quilty books and magazines with oodles of projects that you would love to try? I know I do. I also bounce from one idea to another recklessly. This is why I have abandoned my list of projects for the Finish Along over at The Littlest Thistle and have set my quilty bucket list on the back burner! 

The project was featured on the cover of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine July/August 2007. The magazine provides templates to paper piece the compass blocks of a much more complex pieced and appliqued quilt called Sunshine Rose Garden by Kathy Nakajima. 

I feel that I am on a path of quilting discovery. I enjoy paper piecing, I enjoy improvisational piecing, I like both modern and traditional designs. I guess I'm trying to find out how to best utilize these methods, practices and concepts to make what is my own. Adrianne at On The Windy Side posted a great interview fiber artist Chawne at completely cauchy. I'm not sure how to explain this, but I think I needed Chawne in my life. I happened upon her first today while perusing instagram and then as I opened up my blog dashboard, there she was again, the subject of Adrianne's interview! While all of this may be coincidental, I find most surprising that Chawne has perfectly created the quilt that I have been mentally designing for over a year and bravely started setting to paper earlier this morning, but she finished her's in 2012! Why today?

Have you ever had a moment where it feels like the universe is conspiring to lead you down a specific path?

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  1. *blushing*

    hi, i found your blog yesterday after you followed me on IG. i love your projects and look forward to getting to "know" you. xo

  2. Wow! How wonderful that you were inspired by Cauchy's work, read an interview ..... And then received feedback from her! You must be over the moon! Love what you are working on with the paper piecing. I tried it once, but it is 'not my thing' where I am right now. What a perfect background fabric you have chosen for this design!

  3. Lets Bee Social ! I havent found the total delight in PP;, I have made some but these points and the waste upsets me. I have been lead down that path and I call it Karma and learned to listen to it, I am 50 and its been a changing experience..

  4. Lol, I have the same problem and I actually run the FAL ;o)

  5. I don't like to follow other peoples patterns but I have taken several paper piecing classes over the years like Karen stones Indian orange peek and Judy Niemeyers which has some points and curves. I I never finished the class content ie I never finished those quilts but learning how to paper piece was worthwhile because I've used the technique over and over in other projects that I've designed. It not intuitive, I don't think, paper piecing I mean, but it's valuable if you want to be able to accomplish certain technical objective with your quilting and can move your thinking/design/planning to the next level

    1. I like other peoples patterns to build skill and play with color, but I would like to develop more patterns of my own, and follow some more creative quilty endeavors. I've had this thought of taking bits and pieces of others paper pieced designs and 'frankensteining' them together to make new blocks. And yes frankenstein is a verb! :)

  6. I totally feel that way. That seems to happen to me often. I'll start thinking about making something and then I will see it, or something a whole lot like it. It is neat how the world throws things at you.

  7. If you're looking, the universe often unfolds in a way that we need. As for your quilting journey.....enjoy it all. The most amazing thing about quilting is that there is a style for every mood, you could possibly be in. Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do.


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